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We are an active, diverse and multi-generational congregation involved in serving others and in nurturing spiritual growth.  To really learn what the people of the Dale Presbyterian Church are about, please visit our “Mission Statement”  and “We Believe”

We have three main committees: HANDS which oversees our mission work extended to those beyond our church family, HEARTS which oversees our ministries within the church, and WORSHIP which oversees the worship ministries of our church.  You are welcome to participate in any or all of our activities.  Sunday School is at 9:00 AM and Worship is at 10:15 AM each Sunday

You are welcome to worship, grow and serve with us!

For directions, click here.

fundraising-thermometer-clip-art-sama-kaya-punya-kurtThe Micah Center is almost a reality!  We have surpassed our first goal of $425,000 toward its construction and are over the $500,000 mark!  We thank you all for your generosity, prayers and support.   May God’s kingdom come quickly as we labor in the fields of our LORD!






Dale Presbyterian Church,  PO Box 426,  8 North Main, Dale, IN  47523

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