Our Pastor – The Teaching Elder

Rev. Dr. Martha FrizLanger

Our pastor is energetic, creative and absolutely loves Jesus!

EDUCATION: Pastor Martha attended the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary for her Master of Divinity, Union-PSCE for her doctoral work and is presently in the Spiritual Formation certificate program at Columbia Theological Seminary.

INTERESTS: Evangelism, creative arts, spiritual formation, gourmet cooking, gardening, music, writing, life-long learning, relationships and peacemaking



  • Registered Nurse: Pastor Martha spends 1-2 day a week working at the Lange Fuhs Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital

  • Interim Ministry Training

  • Logos Training

  • 35 years of Camp Experience

  • Spiritual Director and Leader of Spiritual Retreats

    EMAIL CONTACT:  frizlanger@yahoo.com


Teaching elders (pastors) are members of the Presbyteries which designate them to such work as may be helpful to the church in mission. He/She fulfills the following roles:

  • Pastor/Shepherd: overseeing the flock of Christ, feeding them spiritual food

  • Servant of Christ/Minister: Living prudently and joyfully as an example to the flock

  • Presbyter/Elder: Governing as moderator of the session

  • Ambassador/Preacher: Declaring the will of God to sinners, beseeching them to be reconciled to God, through Christ

  • Steward: Dispensing the manifold grace of God, steward of the Mysteries of God


  • a quality of life and relationships that commend the gospel to all persons and communicates its joy and its justice

  • studying, teaching and preaching the Word

  • administering Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

  • praying with and for the congregation

  • maintain a relationship of trust and confidentiality

  • reporting both to ecclesiastical and civil authorities and knowledge of harm or risk of harm

With the ruling elders, the teaching elder is to:

  • encourage the people in worship and service to God

  • equip and enable them for their tasks within the church and their mission in the world

  • exercise pastoral care, devoting special attention to the poor, the sick, the troubled and the dying

  • participate in governing responsibilities, including leadership of the congregation in implementing the principles of participation and inclusiveness in the decision making of the church, and its task of reaching out in concern and service to the life of the human community as a whole

  • share in the ministries of sympathy

In the PCUSA, the three fold call is exercised:

  • The personal call of the individual by God

  • The affirmation of that call by the local church session, presbytery Committee for Preparation and the presbytery

  • The calling of the prepared individual by a local church approved by the Committee on Ministry and the presbytery

Ministers in the PCUSA are required to have at least a Master’s of Divinity from an accredited seminary, and are expected to maintain their education through constant continuing education.