Spiritual Formation

Just as a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, the goal of the Christian is to become transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Dale Presbyterian Church offers many opportunities for Spiritual Formation.

  • Morning Prayer at 6:30 AM every Tuesday morning
  • Read Through the Bible every year following a daily plan
  • Follow the pastor’s blog of Bible commentary every day of the year
  • Read books and watch movies with Christian values in mind
  • Maintain good stewardship of your finances through Financial Peace
  • Go on retreats regularly
  • Serve God by volunteering
  • Work on “Hard Cards” – 40 days of Spiritual Disciplines (to receive your free set of hard cards, email Pastor Martha at frizlanger@yahoo.com and put “Hard Cards” in the subject box)
  • Join a small group for accountability and prayer
  • Take a brisk prayer walk in your neighborhood
  • Explore the spiritual formation pages of our denomination
Personal Bible study is at the heart of Spiritual Formation